"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

- James Baldwin

Monarch Consulting

About Monarch Educational Consulting

Monarch Consulting provides equity coaching in an effort to reduce the racial disparities throughout the schools and other institutions respectfully. This is achieved through racial equity trainings and workshops that provide practical application practices for the workplace and classroom, grade level coaching, culturally relevant classroom management strategies, private teaching, and mentorship.

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About The Founder, Aniscia McAdams

Throughout my years in teaching I have always had a passion for curriculum development and practicing culturally responsive instruction, but felt restricted as a public school teacher. Starting my own Education Consulting business allows me to do what I ultimately saw myself doing; teaching the students, by teaching the teachers.

My ability to connect with people allows me to not only use my lense of compassion and empathy, but also build connections and foster relationships that become life long. Human connection is the first step to any form of learning.

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What We Offer

Educational Consulting

Providing teacher workshops, training, and professional development focusing on racial equity and implementing culturally enriched curriculum. Workshops can be used for CEU's.

One on One Teaching

Providing individualized instruction for enhanced retention of academic skills, including SpEd support and supplementation.


Mentoring students and teachers alike through the processes of continuous education, implementation of skills, business ownership, and professionalism.

Client Opinions

The Ivy School has worked with Aniscia to support the on boarding of our Equity Code of Conduct with students, teachers, and families for over a year. Aniscia's teaching experience and familiarity with the school environment and her expertise in compassionate communication has been transformative for the community. Aniscia has great breadth in her skill set to support schools in equity work. While working with our school, Aniscia lead parent equity events, facilitated affinity groups for adolescents, and facilitated professional development for teachers. Without Aniscia's expertise, her love and care for our community, and her commitment, we would not be where we are today.


Amy Stuhr

The Ivy School 2018-1019

Aniscia McAdams' experience in consulting combined with her education background, makes her approach and methods relevant and highly effective. Aniscia's success centered values allows her the ability to relate to educators, students and families all around the common thread of students success. I have partnered with Aniscia to bring easy and effective teaching and classroom management strategies to educators that can be applied immediately. Monarch Consulting has a unique ability to challenge educators around pedagogy, while leaving educators feeling that they have been supported on how to be more effective. I highly recommend Aniscia McAdams and Monarch Consulting.


Jammed Canley of Potential Unleashed

Equity in Action Summit, 2018

Aniscia is a caring soul. She gives so much of herself to youth and staff that she works with. I have partnered with Aniscia for several years, and have found her to be nothing less than exceptionally supportive, insightful, and professional.


Maurice D.

Student Assistance Coordinator, through the PPS Restorative Justice Project; 2016-2018

I am very impressed with Aniscia's work and product performance within the education field. Specifically her consultation work within my company’s service delivery to youth of color within Oregon’s largest school District (Portland Public School District). I fully endorse her consultation services for schools, families, and communities. I look forward to continuing our current collaboration in serving our nation’s most deserved youth.

Sincerely yours in service to youth,


John C. Wolfe, LCSW

Owner, Horizon Counseling Services, LLC
Director, Youth Empowerment Project, Portland Oregon

My youngest son will be graduating from high school soon. throughout his education career, he has had some great educators cross his path, but the one that always stands out in our mind is Mrs. McAdams. My son has Autism and Mrs. McAdams went above and beyond what was expected of her when she met my son and our family. My son was having trouble in the classroom, and Mrs. McAdams figured out a way to reach him; so she came to our house for dinner. She ate with him, played video games with him and got down on his level. From this, they bonded. When he returned to school, life was better. He still had bumps, but she was well equipped to help my son through whatever he may have gone through. We will always remember what she did for us.


Faresa N.


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